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Hi! My name is Talitha; I own Litha Exclusives.
I admired a laser cutting machine a long time ago, but they were costly, and it became a very general idea.
Litha exclusives were born five years ago when I moved to Canada, my daughter was born right after our move, and I was not going to be able to work without learning to speak English. So I found myself inside the house and with a small baby. What could I do?
I got a small sewing machine borrowed from a friend and didn’t stop. One day I made a backpack for my daughter, and I just loved it; I was good at it! I started making one bag after another, so I wanted to make them more special with personalized tags. It was then that I came across the cost of these super expensive tags. I decided to go after a machine that made the tags for me at home, and I found the Glowforge.
My life changed completely after that.
I bought the machine in August 2019. When it arrived home, I realized that I would not just make tags for bags anymore. I had a new world just for me, endless possibilities; I almost went crazy to see everything I could create with her.
I spent three months learning everything, everything she could do, scholarships? Forgets. I had a new world to explore. I did the tags; I still do. But I found that I love creating new cuts, ornaments, decorations, toys…
So in November 2019, I opened my online store, Selling Christmas decorations. Christmas passed, and I continued to sell decorations, for home, for the car, for the baby room and still seeing the tags of bags for other crafters like me. I have two flagships: tags for artisans like me and decorative ornaments.

Montessorie Puzzle


When Covid hit everyone, I found myself again in that moment of uncertainty, but this machine changed my life, and even with all this crisis, I kept selling, of course, less, but still selling. Whenever there was wood left over from my work, I created small cuts (shapes) for my daughter to paint, remnants of materials that were going to waste turned into cuts for her to distract in the quarantine. And the idea came: I’m going to donate these cuts to other children!
So I took all the wood scraps I had at home and cut hundreds of shapes. I put it in sachets.
I put the bags on a table in front of the house and warned on the internet that anyone could come and get a bag per child and asked if anyone wanted to donate wood, so I could do more, leave it at my door.
I never imagined that everyone would welcome such a simple attitude of mine. I keep getting messages of thanks, wood on my door and lots of pictures of children painting the shapes at home. People thank me for the gift, but I have to thank you. I received a beautiful gift! This feeling of doing good with something so simple is so much better than any money in the world at such a delicate time for everyone.
It changed my life in every way. The world will change after all this, and I will continue to create more and more; I have the best job in the world, and I am close to my children.


Thank you for visiting my store; I Hope to be the opportunity to make something special for you.


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