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Chrismas Ornament Nutcracker

Chrismas Ornament Nutcracker

Christmas Nutcracker

This is a must-have for your Christmas decorations!

Your future nutcracker is small, happy and fits any decoration style, painted by hand.

Please also check-out the unpainted version!

Item details:

• Material: Birchwood
• Thickness: 0.3 cm
• Size: 10 cm X 3 cm (dimensions are approximate)
• hanging: natural twine
• Color: painted (see image for reference, each part is hand-painted, although they are very similar, each is and will always be unique)

We were informed by Canada Post that they are delaying deliveries due to excessive quantities of goods being distributed at this time of the year and Christmas celebrations. See link below for details:

We strongly recommend that you select standard shipping for your orders (instead of domestic post free), so they can be properly tracked and are faster to be delivered to you. We hope you enjoy our products and wish you a great Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for visiting our Shop!

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